Holiday traditions

I’m sitting in front of the fireplace with Baby A, the Pretty Little Wife, and a couple of the cats enjoying the Christmas tree and planning the annual holiday gathering. Many of the same bugnutty lunatics with whom we spent Thanksgiving, the extended family we’ve built for ourselves, will descend on Derby Gras Resort & Spa for jolly festivities before we all go our separate ways to see our blood relations in other states.

And “Christmas party” means I get to make my favorite seasonal bourbon delivery mechanism: eggnog.

I was never an eggnog fan growing up. It just didn’t taste good to me. Even when I was old enough to start spiking my eggnog with whiskey and rum (21 and up, kids… gotta keep it legal), it never did anything for me.

Then, a few years ago, Alton Brown enlightened me. I long ago decided that I can cook anything if Alton showed me how. So, when Mr. Brown featured a drink I didn’t like with a liquor I loved and told me it would be better than anything that came from a store, I decided to trust him. Turns out, he was right. Eggnog can be a very good thing.

In order to avoid any copyright concerns, I will link to AB’s recipe rather than copying it. Here it is. Thank you, Alton and Food Network. I will say that I typically mix up at least a double batch for the holiday party with no liquor in it and split it into three pitchers: rum, bourbon, and virgin.

As far as liquors for spicing up the nog a bit, I like a nice spiced rum (I may try Kraken or Cruzan Black Strap this year) and a low-rye, wheated bourbon like Maker’s Mark.

Throw in a batch or two of chocolate chip cookies (I like Martha’s recipe) and a drunk uncle and you’ve got yourself a genuine Xmas party.


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