The Holiday Haul

Sorry I’ve been out of touch. First there was Baby A’s arrival then Thanksgiving and then Xmas and New Year’s Eve. It’s been quite a ride.

I promise I’ll get back to real content soon. For now, I just want to brag a bit. Not only did my wonderful family get me a couple of bourbon books, they also hooked me up with bourbon balls from both Buffalo Trace and Woodford Reserve. And, to top it all off, they got me a bottle of Angel’s Envy with a Lincoln Henderson autographed angel wing ornament.

And while I was in Kentucky, I went out and picked up Four Roses’ 2011 Limited Edition Small Batch and a bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year.

I also got myself a bottle of Buffalo Trace’s new bourbon cream liqueur, but that ended up going to my in-laws in NOLA as a thank you for watching the tiny humans over NYE. I can’t wait until that stuff starts showing up on the shelves here in Texas. That Irish cream doesn’t hold a candle.

I hope all of you had safe and happy holidays and I look forward to a year of good bourbon and good times.


About Bourbon in Exile

Bourbon lover living in beer country
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