A few weeks ago, the folks over at Buffalo Trace (or the ad agency that handles their social media) shared a link on on Facebook. Here’s that link.

I clicked through. I read the recipe. The hamster wheels in my head started turning…

I love bourbon. I love bacon. The process seems simple enough. And when I’m done, not only will I have a bottle of bacon-infused bourbon, I’ll have a plate of delicious bacon. Sold!

I got my bacon. I got my bourbon. I made bacon-infused bourbon.

In hindsight, I believe I was so caught up in the excitement of what I could do that I didn’t stop to think about what I should do. I’m not saying the bacon bourbon is bad, just that I don’t expect to be making any more.

Bacon bourbon certainly isn’t for drinking straight. While it is smoky and salty in a fairly pleasant way, it also has a greasy finish that is not particularly pleasant. The bacon old fashioned is a significantly better delivery system as the syrup seems to cover up some of the oiliness. However, it’s still not a drink I would prepare for myself regularly.

The lesson here kids is that two great tastes do not always taste great together.


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