A little more on the fall releases

So I visited a couple of retail establishments this weekend. I spent a bit of time talking to the whiskey guys and I asked the questions that seem to be on everyone’s minds: when will we get our BTAC and Pappy?

The consensus seems to be that we can expect the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection soon. While the retailers don’t get any real advanced notice of when they’ll get Pappy or how much they’ll get, both of the whiskey guys said they were expecting to see Mr Van Winkle around the first of December.

If you’re desperate for Pappy, call your favorite retailer and find out if they’ve got a waiting list. The sooner you let your whiskey guy know that you’re interested, the better.

If you’re like me, you’re seriously considering skipping the Pappy and doubling down on BTAC. For my whiskey dollar, it just doesn’t get much better than the William Larue Weller.


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One Response to A little more on the fall releases

  1. Ritchie says:

    I just got my 20 and 15 of Van Winkle today….$309 for both in Dallas ! Ouch!!

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