Not too long ago… Ok, maybe it was a while back… I’m terribly lazy and you should all go read better bloggers… Anyway, I encouraged you to go out and cultivate relationships with your local whiskey mongers. Today I learned that one liquor store here in Texas was only selling their allotment of rare bottles (Pappy and BTAC) to customer who had a verifiable relationship with the store as measured by their customer loyalty card program.

Is it fair that you have to have spent X number of dollars with a particular retailer before they’ll sell you a bottle of George T. Stagg? It’s as fair as being tossed into a lottery with 200 people who just wandered in off the street looking for Pappy because they read an article in Garden and Gun and they want the most exclusive and pretentious bottle they can find (because Dallas is that kind of city).

Where was I? Oh yeah… Relationships. If you haven’t already, go to your local liquor store and get to know the whiskey guy. I guarantee they have one. It may not be his (or her) job title, but there’s someone there that knows and loves the whiskey aisle. This is the person who is going to tell you about that’s going to tell you about the new releases or let you know when the BTAC comes in.

If you don’t know your whiskey guy’s name, then he certainly doesn’t know yours.


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