This thing on?

Apparently it’s been nearly four years since I wrote anything here.  What have I been up to for four years?

  • Watching the baby evolve into a preschooler
  • Moving halfway across the country for a job in Seattle
  • Watching the middle schooler evolve into a high schooler
  • Enjoying craft beer and cider culture in the Pacific Northwest
  • Putting doll clothes back on dolls that the preschooler undressed
  • Sampling some local bourbon
  • Learning a bit of Spanish from Dora and Diego
  • Enjoying some Caribbean rum
  • Trying to stay sane in the middle of day-to-day crazy
  • Watching the country devolve into a sometimes ridiculous, sometimes frightening parody of a functioning democracy

You know… same old, same old.

With your permission – or without it, because this is my digital space and I’ll do what I want with it – I’m going to start brain dumping here some things that are tough to get across on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ll still try to talk about alcohol, but I can’t promise that’s all I’m going to talk about.

But right now I’m being summoned to refill someone’s apple juice.


About Bourbon in Exile

Bourbon lover living in beer country
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One Response to This thing on?

  1. Robby says:

    Ahhh… I’m living the same life… opposite side of the country.

    Good luck!

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